We use DSI/MEP 9.0 with Jde 9.2 tools 9245

I was wondering if anyone else has taken UN5 and got it to work with MEP 9.0? And if yes, how did you do it? Any workarounds or updates?
We are currently in the process of getting code current in JDE. We have applied the latest ASU UN5 and the ESUs released till December 1st, 2020 to our development environment.
DSI has informed us that with UN5 there have to be updated ASUs created by DSI for their ND3N objects to properly interface with the new underlying E1 objects.
I know this work on this has begun here on the UN5 ASUs, but they aren’t done yet.

But since UN5 has been out for over six months I was hoping that someone has taken it and got it to work with MEP? Any inputs will be appreciated.


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What TR are you using with 9.2? 9.2.45??

I don't think they've certified 9.2.6 yet but 9.2.5 is. Not sure what they mean by certified either :)