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  1. F

    E8.1 JDE Table to retrieve all Forms' Row Exit options

    Hi Team, Do you happen to know if there is a table in JDE that contains all Row Exit for a given Form ID. For example, having the app P41026 (IBranch) Form W41026E (Work with Item Branch), that it enlists: • Item/Branch Info. • Category Codes • Additional System Information • Quantities •...
  2. N

    New Data Items or Multiple Tables?

    Greetings all, we have recently implemented 9.2 (not an upgrade) so we are new to the JDE E1 "World" we have been having some internal discussions and it may lead to me developing a custom form to collect some simple data in the form of primarily multiple choice questions. I put together a quick...
  3. okiedokie

    JDE App similar to DATABROWSER?

    Hello LIST: I'm creating a simple application consisting of a Find/Browse (Work w/ xxxxxx) to Fix/Inspect (Edit Revise xxxxxx) over a single table both forms sharing same BSVW. Does anyone know of a similar interactive in E1 as good starting point similar to DATABROWSE application? Thanks in...