E9.2 Form Request Multiple inputs to same field

Chandra Chaganti

Is there any possibility to enter data from two orchestration input fields to one form field( one by one)?

The form field control exit contains some validation and that needs for 2 orchestration input fields
Hi Chandra,

Yes. You can two inputs into a form request go into one field on a form using text substitution. Here is an example of incorporating the PO number and PO Type into the Description 3 field of a fixed asset master record. By wrapping the two variables in ${}, you will need to map the PO Number and PO Type separately in the Orchestration Transformation.
In this case, if my PO Number was 12345 and my PO Type was OP, the value in Description 3 would be PO: 12345|OP
Hi @Kevin Long

Thanks for the replay.

But my requirements are a little different. First needs to enter the PO number and next PO type. Because the field control exit has an ER code to validate both PO number and type.