E9.2 Form Extension : Associate Orch or LEX and map in hidden form fields - impossible?


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Hi folks. I want to correct an apparent JDE bug* in P4111 to show the Primary Qty. P4111 is showing the Transaction Qty value in this grid column. It is a hidden column that becomes visible at run time under a "Display Primary Qty" processing option.

However when in the Form Extension designer, FDA hidden fields are not available to be mapped as LEX or ORCH inputs and outputs. Is there any way around this without modifying the APPL object? I don't think it is...


* in the P4111 W4111A Grid Line the call to convert the transaction Qty to Primary UOM passes the transaction UOM to the ToUOM parameter. It should pass the Primary UOM.
* yes I will ask to get a SAR raised for this but need a solution in the mean time and trying to avoid a mod.
Hi @jolly

In FEXT is not possible add because not is a business view column. As you say, it not avaiable to Form Request design, but if you rec a Record Process with this OP enabled you can return this columns:
1713871152624.png I'm agree with you and I hope this improve in a later orchestrator version :)