E9.2 Can we use form extensions to add field to grid not in the underlying tables.


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I thought I had seen some sort of presentation in the past that showed/talked about adding a calculated column to a grid using a form extension, but we were on an older tools release and couldn't do it yet. My memory may have a wishful thinking filter on it, so I wanted to see if anybody knows whether I should be able to do this or not.

We recently applied Tools which got us Logic Extensions. I wanted to see if I could replace a modification to a vanilla application with a form extension. It seems simple enough to create a Logic Extension to do the calculation and attach it to an event on the form. However, I don't see a way to add a field to the grid that doesn't exist in the underlying BSVW or BSVW Tables.

Am I missing something simple? Or is it just not possible to do this yet?

Yeah this one would be so good.

Folks, please click that enhancement link and vote on it! More votes = more visibility to Oracle. This is just a no-brainer 5 rating in my opinion