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  1. Soumen

    E9.2 Orchestrator calling of BSFN

    Dears, I wanted to understand that when an Orchestrator calls a BSFN (which is now a feature with or for that matter when the API calls hits the AIS Server, how the AIS server determines where to run the BSFN? The AIS server's rest.ini file does not have any information about the...
  2. E

    Orchestrations not displaying in FORM EXTENSION MANAGER

    I created an orchestration to fill AP values in the address by adding a button , but when i go to associate the orchestration I only have notifications displayed and none of the orchestration is shown to call . Any idea ?
  3. S

    Orchestrator REST Connection

    We plan to integrate several 365 components including Outlook, SharePoint, and Power Automate (Flow). I have not tried to use the MS Graph API, but I will look into it.