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jde 9.2

  1. N

    E9.2 JDeveloper Issue Not Working Locally

    Dear all, I am facing some issue while running BSSV in JDeveloper . No errors on compiling but not running locally. I'm Calling one report thru business function and getting some Java errors. If anyone knows about this , kindly let me know. Thanks in Advance.
  2. R

    Has anybody worked on the Single Use Accounts (SUA) Payment in JD Edwards?

    Hi All, Has anybody worked on the Single Use Accounts (SUA) payment in JD Edwards? And could someone please provide inputs on how it was developed, the process and the issues that occurred during its implementation? Would appreciate your prompt responses. Thanks
  3. A

    C Business Function

    I am trying to write C Business Function first time. I have Data Structure in .h typedef struct tagDSD5501A3A { MATH_NUMERIC mnInput1; MATH_NUMERIC mnInput2; MATH_NUMERIC mnOutput; JCHAR cOperator; JCHAR szErrorId[11]; JCHAR...
  4. R

    JDE Integration with Forecast Pro

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience with the ForecastPro software and its integration with JDE for demand forecasting? I wanted to know the effort involved with the system integration of these two software and whether the Forecast Pro software has any pre-built integration mapping with the JDE...
  5. S

    EDI Inbound 850 - How to deal with one PO that needs to create multiple sales orders

    We are on JDE E1 9.2 and have a customer that wants us to implement EDI with them. For us, this would include an inbound 850, outbound 855, inbound 860, outbound 856 and outbound 810. We are struggling with the initial piece of the inbound 850 because when this customer provides the order...
  6. A

    Clicking on OLE only load document's first page

    Hi, We recently upgraded to tool and since then we had issues with our ole. Clicking on the file only loads fist page. Thanks,
  7. nick_bc

    JDE Informatica Integration

    Hello, We are currently on E1 910 (9.1) for JDE and 10.2.Hotfix1 for Informatica powercenter. This is the tool release which is supported by the informatica. We are planning to upgrade our JDE in coming months and officially informatica is not supporting 9.2.x at this time. Does any forum...
  8. jdecoder

    Consuming AIS Internally in JDE Applications

    Hi All, I have a use case where a user goes into Multiple Forms and applications Multiple times to do the exact same thing. I want to create a JDE Custom application to consume a AIS Orchestration internally. Eg: 1. Create an employee master application for an new hire. (Applications 1 - 3...
  9. S

    How to create/Generate WADL file from JDE AIS services?

    Hi, I'm working in a inbound to JDE integration where we are using JDE AIS integration technique. We want to do Purchase Receipt (P4312) using AIS. we used AppStack to acheive it. we tested the service using POSTMAN Request & Response and shared our JSON files to middleware team (SOA) but, they...
  10. Arjun Damodar

    Find works only once

    Hello All, I am seeing an unexplainable behaviour with a custom object. When you do a find, it works the first time. From second time onwards, no records are displayed on the grid. This is environment specific i.e., same spec works properly in PYB but causes issues in DV and PY. The "find...
  11. T

    Looking for Steps to Copy an existing JDE920 setup to create a new JDE920 instance

    Hi Team, I have a fully configured jde920 setup with tools and want to have a separate similar instance. I am planning for capture the machine images of Deployment server and enterprise servers and create two new machines from these images. As I don't want to do the installations of...
  12. G

    BI Publisher Email Delivery Error with status as 'FD'

    Hi Team, We are having an issue in BI Publisher where the RD output email delivery fails. We have verified the SMTP server settings. It works fine. We are able to send the test mail.When we look at the log files it says java.Lang.NullPointerException error. I have attached the log file with...
  13. R

    JDE Tools 64 bit

    Hi All, Anyone heard about JDE is releasing 64 bit tools? Please share your thoughts. Thanks, Kaushik
  14. R

    JDE with 64 bit

    Hi, If JDE is releasing Apps with 64 bit, what would be the impact on existing custom code/development? Thanks for your input. Thanks, Kaushik
  15. T

    Need business function B0801350

    Hi, My client is on release 9.1 and I do need to look at business function B0801350 for Employee business service. Would any of you have this business function and it's header file handy? If not, what's the best way to get it from Oracle support?
  16. M

    JDE Database Column Definitions Change in 9.2

    We are migration JDE 8 (AS400) to JDE 9.2 (SQL Server). We noticed a lot of database column definitions are now float instead of integer/numeric. For example, AN8 used to be numeric(8,0) in AS400 but become float in SQL server. We would like to make those numeric/integer columns as it is...
  17. B

    Debug log creating for UBEs in printqueue ( not enabled debug log in jde.ini)

    Hi Friends, Debug log creating for UBEs in printqueue ( not enabled debug log in jde.ini) Large Debug log creating in PrintQueue folder (Jdedwards/e920/PrintQueue). Security in place users not allowed to run ube with jdedebug log enabled. Enterprise server platform Linux. Regards, Bab
  18. T

    Autostarting Server Manager with Windows

    Hi, I'm just looking for information on how to automatically start Server Manger after Windows reboots. JDE 9.2 Weblogic 12c Thanks for any help, Tony
  19. A

    Upload more than 5000 record to F0902Z1

    Hi, We are moving to new JDE9.2 in few weeks. With our testing we find out we can't upload large data. System freeze and don't do anything. This process of uploading the same number of records takes only few minutes in our current system (JDE 9.0). Thanks,
  20. E

    Composed Page Option Missing

    Hi All, I have recently installed 9.2 and update it to tool release to test out the Composed Page feature. However this option is missing. It only has the classic page option. Could anyone please assist on this? Thanks. Regards, Edward Kok