jde 9.2

  1. E9.2 ER Compare issue

    Hi , ER Compare tool ... able to copy code .. able to save .. but after doing a refresh.. assigned values differ compared to what we copied. also missing values though we copied appropriate variables ( prior to copy). not known how to proceed. please suggest
  2. E9.2 Reserve fields isssue F47012-->F4211 EDI UBE R47011

    Buddies, fields like VR01& VR02 from F47012--> need to be populated to F4211 (after running R47011 EDI report) issue is we need to populate the above fields to F4211 @ VR02 & IR01 etc .. is there any way with out touching the vanilla prog. if not please suggest ? Thanks in advance.
  3. E9.2 Table Trigger - Flat File Encoding

    Dear All, Is it possible to setup Flat File Encoding in table triggers? I am goning to do some file operations on table data change. I think in P93081 it can not be set up. Thank you in advance Zoltan
  4. santismf

    E9.2 Granting Security to Business Function

    Dears, This is my first post, so please let me know if I'm asking this on the wrong forum! So I'm being asked by a functional user to create a role that grant full access to specific business functions (these start with an N*) and also they provided me with 5 tables in which they need to...
  5. E9.2 Can you prevent a sales order from being created for a specific customer in JDE 9.2?

    Can you prevent a sales order from being created for a specific customer in JDE 9.2?
  6. E9.2 Execute UBE locally without Signing in to JDE

    Hi Team, In JD Edwards Enterprise One, is there anyway to execute an UBE in Local Windows Fat client without logging into JD Edwards. As per Oracle Knowledge Garden, we can use RUNUBE but it seems it will only work on Enterprise server, can anyone tried using RUNUBE to execute the UBE locally...
  7. E9.2 jde 9.2 aai 4335

    Hi All i can set up the AAI 4310 With the cost type see below but impossible on the aai 4335, the area cost type is not available :( :( Do you know a trick to book for differences by cost type? enable setup? Thank you in advance for your help Nathalie
  8. E9.2 Accidentally putaway request cancelled

    Hello All, Does anybody know how to manage a canceled putaway request? User accidentally cancelled the putaway request using P4600, now I would like to know how to recreate the putaway request for further processes (putaway confirmation is required)
  9. E9.2 Why do inventory fails commit (goes to P42210)

    Hi Team, I would like to know the reasons why a transaction would go to P42210 instead of actually executing. I heard part of it is time-out, but wanted to know the potential scenarios. Thanks,
  10. E9.2 How to have subledger field to be a transaction document?

    How to have subledger field to be a transaction document? E.g. the purchase order that was received in an OV, or the work order from an IM.
  11. E9.2 Decimal Separator Issue - Language Level

    Hello All, I have an issue on the decimal separators. We have the JDE users with 'English' language having decimal separator as dot(.) while the 'German' language users have the decimal separator as comma (,). The German users too need the separator to be shown as a dot(.) instead of a comma. I...
  12. E9.2 Voucher Match Automation Report R4304010 and R4304020

    I am Using R4304010 and R4304020 for Voucher Match Automation process . For few Currency Code like Japan and Indonesia Voucher is not getting created due to the decimal value is 0 in the Currency code setup F0013 . Example: If amount is AREC = 1,41,000.00 system is considering as 14100000...
  13. E9.2 Arabic Font Not Display in PDF report

    Dear All, I am trying to print Arabic words in a PDF report but the font is not coming properly. we are using custom C BF to convert numbers to words in Arabic. Conversion is happening properly which we could see in JDE logs and the issue is displaying the font in Report. we have installed...
  14. E9.2 Read a text file from a network shared folder

    I need to read a text file located in a network shared folder (not AIS temp folder). is this possible using the groovy script? any sample groovy codes?
  15. E9.2 Migration of JDE from on-premise to OCI

    Hi Everyone, We are doing migration of On-premise JDE 9.2(windows platform with oracle database to OCI with hostname change. Since server names are getting changed. We have to reinstall the deployment servers, Webservers, Bssv servers, server manager, modifying ini files, run Sqls to...
  16. E9.2 Trim Long String

    Hello, Is there any function wich I can trim a long (150-200 len) string with ? The ltrim and rtrim system function parse only 30 characters . Thanks Zoltan
  17. E9.2 The JDE B9 Client Network service shuts down unexpectedly.

    Issue when applying web package build. On Windows Event Viewer where deployment server is installed we got: The JDE B9 Client Network service shuts down unexpectedly. This happened 6 time(s). Any help ? Thanks
  18. E9.2 COSE#1000 Request timeout when deploying package from Web

    Hi Guys, After a successfull package build from web we tried to deploy that one but we have got an Web Client Exception at the screen like: An exception has been caught by the Web client. Please contact your system administrator. See log for details. Exception id =Exception_2021-06-08...
  19. E9.2 Orchestrator - Creating Rest API using Connector

    Dear All, I have created and published a orchestration to create item in item master and its working fine locally. I want to generate service file to call it from outside. I am new to this orchestrator development . Can anyone please help me how to create a connector file using rest api for...