jde 9.2

  1. E9.2 System Function Send Message Extended

    Hi everyone; We are using the system function "Send Message Extended" to send an email with a Shortcut to an application. But we have the problem that when a person is in both "To" parameter and "Cc" parameter, it comes 2 emails to that person, and we don't want it, we expect to receive just...
  2. cazzafed

    E9.2 Orchestrator Scheduler problem

    Hi folk, i'm working with Scheduler, but i have a problem. I have a "ORCH_JobsAlert" but this line it's frozen. Besides the user in column "User ID" it isn't my user. Any idea why?
  3. E9.2 JDE 9.2 Platform Upgrade Challenges

    Hello Everyone, My organization is planning to upgrade our current version of JDE to the latest version and wanted some inputs related to below. Our infrastructure platform is on iSeries/DB2. We are wondering if me need to switch platforms and what would be the challenges people face during...
  4. E9.2 Unable to login to DEP920 environment after completing Deployment Server installation

    Unable to login to DEP920 environment after completing Deployment Server installation jde.log: 7096/6200 MAIN_THREAD Tue Aug 01 16:30:49.413000 jdb_omp1.c629 JDB9900246 - Failed to find existence of default OMAP for environment JDEPLAN 7096/6200 MAIN_THREAD...
  5. E9.2 Cancel order, but unable to cancel due to Address type Invalid

    Hey, Could you please help me out to cancel the order. when i tried to cancel the order Sales order error throws like ' header (S421007A) Address type Invalid'. Shipto address type is invalid but unable to change in header as well. Just wanted to cancel the order instead of changing the...
  6. E9.2 DSI/MEP German Language

    Hi All, We are going live in Germany and apparently German is not one of the 6 languages that DSI provides out of the box. I was wondering if anyone here is already in Germany and have translated the required XML file to German language. And if you will be willing to share the same? Or if you...
  7. E9.2 jde one click provisioning , Enterprise Server Preferences step, pathcodes no dropdown,

    jde one click provisioning version:9.2.73 db: oracle 19c weblogic : jde one click provisioning , Enterprise Server Preferences step, pathcodes no dropdown, F12 Debug ,console log Refused to set unsafe header "Set-Cookie" Uncaught TypeError: Cannot create property...
  8. E9.2 Tungsten (Docusphere) Separation

    Hello We have been using Tungsten (Docusperhe) for a while and now its time to move on to an internally automated process. In order to get rid of Tungsten(Docuspehre, I have couple of questions: - As it is AP data and invoices, what can we do to either access the database or get the attachments...
  9. E9.2 Support Partner Recommendations

    Hi Does anybody have any recommendations for E1 support providers based in the UK, ideally with the capability to host in Oracle cloud though that wouldn't necessarily be a show stopper. Thanks
  10. Karzmo

    E9.2 Localisation Calls - Italy

    Hi, I am trying to set up Italy localisation. I can Row Exit from Address (P0101) -> Regional Info (P74Y0101) but when I look in ER for P01012 I can't see where this is being called? After you press the Cancel button from the P74Y0101 it should call P700101A but it doesn't but again I cannot see...
  11. cazzafed

    E9.2 Issue with Run Orchestrator from Form Extension

    Hi, i have a problem when i wanna run a orchestration from Form Extension... the input param is obtained from a value in grid from selected row... when i execute this orchestration, this run ends correctly, but if execute another user the orchestration show this error We have made a log and...
  12. E9.2 Set Selection Group criteria not added to query

    Dear All, I would like to add a selection group to a grid query with SetSelectionGroup, but it seems these lines are ignored. The view is F4106 and F0101 join I've added the following lines (for testing only) to find button click event Set Selection Append Flag(FC Grid, <Yes>) Set Selection...
  13. E9.2 Possible to have P4312 advance freight line?

    Hello, We are setting up a drop ship process for one of our suppliers. We will send them a ShipIt station to process these orders. I'm using this support document as a reference...
  14. E9.2 Price Adjustments "No Price Found for Mandatory Adjustment"

    Hello, I'm trying to create an optional Price Adjustment for a group of specific items. I setup "AMS-SO" as the new adjustment: It has the following Sales Group associated to it: So far I have created no details to this adjustment. I understand this acts as a filter, which will basically...
  15. E9.2 Override default JOBQ for UBE vanilla versions starts with “ZJDE…” and “XJDE…”

    Is there a way to override default JOBQ for UBE vanilla versions starts with “ZJDE…” and “XJDE…”?
  16. E9.2 GL Offset

    What is meant by G/L offset. What is the purpose of it. Please explain
  17. E9.2 Link Applications in composed page

    Hi all, I am currently trying to do away with some power forms using Cafe1 and I seem to remember there was a way to link fields of two applications in a composed page, however I can't find anymore how to do that. Can someone give me a tip please?
  18. E9.2 Orchestrator information plz

    hello , is there any way to know how many orchestrators are being called from UBE / APP just like some cross ref else kindly let me know if there is any Table kind of thing for this. Also we just want to know how many custom orchestrators are there in environment . thanks for ur help
  19. E9.2 Calling another section after Driver section data print

    Hey, JDE Developers I am working on Report ,Driver Section is F4102(BSVW),and I created two more section of F4211 & F4311. So, My Aim is I want to print data in that way, If 'ITM' From F4102(BSVW) print(On LBH),then F4211 section field should print and after that F4311 section field data. when...
  20. E9.2 ER Compare issue

    Hi , ER Compare tool ... able to copy code .. able to save .. but after doing a refresh.. assigned values differ compared to what we copied. also missing values though we copied appropriate variables ( prior to copy). not known how to proceed. please suggest