E9.2 Unable to publish a CafeOne Form Layout


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I'm trying to publish the form layout UDO which I created using the Edit Form Layout option under the username and after creating the layout when I try to publish, it is throwing validation error as "the personal form must be public in order to publish the layout" and after this we created personal form and published it and made it shared to *PUBLIC. But still even after log out and log in the validation error is still being thrown while trying to publish the edit form layout.


From your image, it appears you need to (1) Save your Personal Form, then (2) Request to Publish.
From P98220U, you can then Publish the Personal Form which will make it available in the Shared (Public) space in the environment.
HI Arthart,

Yes we tried exactly as given in validation error and even after creating and publishing personal form as public, we were still facing same error and so after that...
We again tried after full package build today and for some reason it started working again i.e. without any validation error and also no personal form was needed to publish the cafeone layout.

Thanks for your reply,