1. E9.2 CafeOne freezes when using custom attachment application

    Hi all, we're having a trouble with the CafeOne resource. I made an application to search the attachment of a row (data passes by form interconnection) and we use it in a CafeOne, it works actually, searches and shows the media object panel but when the user wants to close the CafeOne or click...
  2. E9.2 Unable to publish a CafeOne Form Layout

    Hi, I'm trying to publish the form layout UDO which I created using the Edit Form Layout option under the username and after creating the layout when I try to publish, it is throwing validation error as "the personal form must be public in order to publish the layout" and after this we created...
  3. E9.2 Embed BI Publisher URL to CafeOne

    Hi, I'm attempting to embed a BI Publisher link into a CafeOne layout but I can't paste the entire link into the URL field. It's preventing me from passing more parameters to the form but the link verifies with no issue. I've tried this using Chrome, Firefox, IE and MS Edge and have had no...
  4. CafeOne for USPS Zip Code Lookup

    Hi all, Looking for input/advice, those that might have tread the path PRIOR to looking up a USPS Zipcode through CafeOne. Clearly, I need one that can be embedded and can have parameters passed into it from the P01012. Thanks in advance, Annie
  5. Publishing CafeOne Layout

    I have successfully published a layout but it was available to all users, what is the best way to publish a layout or other UDO to specific users or roles? Thank you EnterpriseOne 9.2 with TR
  6. CafeOne and Form Interconnect

    I am trying to Create a CafeOne Layout which is successful in some aspects however some of the functionality of this form is enabled by a Form Interconnect when it is called from within another application, is there a way to pass a Form Interconnect parameter to a CafeOne frame or an I going to...
  7. Can CofeeOne call application forms that modify data?

    Hello people, We are working with CofeeOne in Jde 9.20. When CofeeOne application call a Find&browse form, we have some issues. Our Find&browse form has buttons that run some custom code. This buttons is not working when the Find&browse form operates on CofeeOne application. If we run this...
  8. CafeOne page displaying another JDE form

    What is the "proper" way to link to another JDE form using CafeOne? Is it to use the "Generic URL" product type in P952332 and the normal "parameterized URL" from the Tools menu of the JDE form? Or is there another method? Everyone shows how to link to a Google map but glosses over how to use...
  9. CafeOne USPS zip code lookup stopped working

    Has anyone else encountered problems calling the USPS Zip Code Lookup using CafeOne? Last week we started getting the error message “ This content cannot be displayed in a frame”. This has been working perfectly for over 9 months.
  10. jdemes

    Suggestions for CafeOne layouts?

    I've been playing around with CafeOne and created some layouts (see below). Anyone have any other suggestions? Set Up Bank Account by Address (W0030AA) with (for SWIFT code validation) Work with Addresses (W01012B) with Work with Bank Account by Address (W0030AD) Work with...