E9.2 Upgrade and UDO Issue


We are doing a code current process. At the same time we are building new servers. This makes the process into a transfer of all data and object from one instance to another. This has worked well as the team is very used to upgrades and there were no issue until...
We realized that the UDOs did not work when we copied the system tables into the new system. After some research it was believed that exporting the UDOs and importing them into the new system was the correct route. Then we find out that we cannot export unless the UDO was shared.
  • We have 200 users that use the P4210 version VER001 and VER002
  • Each of them had created a personal Grid Format for each version
  • Our team shared all of those Grid Formats so we would be able to export them only to realized that once shared they cannot he unshared unless the user copied the shared version into their own personal then it would be possible to delete the share version on the new system
  • Then we find out that only 100 of the same UDO type for the specific Object|verion were viewable due to a JDE hard coded limitation
This means that our users in the new system can only view 100 of the shared UDOs and if they open it and copy it it saves the new personal grid but they cannot see it applied to the grid because it is above the 100 limit.

I believe that the only solution is to have the users that can see their Grid format as shared should copy it then save (they get a web exception when they hit the X after saving but in testing we found that the format did save and it is visible in the Work with UDO form. After they save it then we will delete the shared UDO. We will have to continue this process till we have deleted at leaset 110 shared UDOs so that we can get below the viewable threshhold (since there are 200 users that created 1 each we technically only need to delete 101 but wanted room for error). The users will then be able to edit/view their personal format but it will have to remain at EDIT status (as it was on the old system.

So I am Asking: Can anyone offer an alternative to this as it is a very painful process. Is there any other way to get the UDOs to the new system?

Michael Ball