1. E9.2 Link Applications in composed page

    Hi all, I am currently trying to do away with some power forms using Cafe1 and I seem to remember there was a way to link fields of two applications in a composed page, however I can't find anymore how to do that. Can someone give me a tip please?
  2. E9.2 Unable to publish a CafeOne Form Layout

    Hi, I'm trying to publish the form layout UDO which I created using the Edit Form Layout option under the username and after creating the layout when I try to publish, it is throwing validation error as "the personal form must be public in order to publish the layout" and after this we created...
  3. CafeOne USPS zip code lookup stopped working

    Has anyone else encountered problems calling the USPS Zip Code Lookup using CafeOne? Last week we started getting the error message “ This content cannot be displayed in a frame”. This has been working perfectly for over 9 months.
  4. jdemes

    Suggestions for CafeOne layouts?

    I've been playing around with CafeOne and created some layouts (see below). Anyone have any other suggestions? Set Up Bank Account by Address (W0030AA) with (for SWIFT code validation) Work with Addresses (W01012B) with Work with Bank Account by Address (W0030AD) Work with...