E9.2 How to export UDO objects from existing JDE instance to new JDE instance


We are implementing a new JDE EnterpriseOne 9.2 with Tools release 64 bit instance and we have old JDE EnterpriseOne 9.2 with Tools release 32bit instance.
there are tons of customizing UDO objects created by end user in the existing PD920 environment which is holding token, and we will need to bring over all those customizing UDO objects from the existing PD920 environment in old JDE instance to the new DV920 environment in the new JDE instance. however, some of those customizing UDO objects can check in and export, some of those customizing UDO objects can't check in and still in editing mode, and can't be exported into zip file?

does anyone experience the same situation? and any good solution to bring over those customizing UDO objects? thanks.
Our experience with this is that they all have to be shared to be exportable - the issue is there is a limitation that you can only view 100 of each udo type for each Object|Version and that means once they are imported in the new system it may become an issue as you cannot remove a share from a UDO - the only option is to allow the user to copy the share they used to use and then it creates a new personal one. EDIT=Personal SHARED= shared

This is more of an issue if once shared there are more than say 100 grid formats for the P4210|version001 as the users will only be able to see the first 100 due to a hard coded limitation.

I have a thread posted on this issue now but if you did not get a response then I may not either