E9.2 Personal Forms - Unable to hide subform containing grid?



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Hi folks,

I'm a long time JDE person but new to E92. I would like to use a personal form to greatly simplify an insane powerform, P54HS00 Form B (Edit Incident). This form has 25, yes 25, subforms.

When in the edit personal form mode, I see that I am able to "make invisible" multiple entire subforms. I also see that I'm unable to do this for subforms that contain a grid. In the sceenshot attached, let's say I want to make the entire notifications subform invisible. I can't (see highlighted area where I'd hope to see the red minus symbol)! I see the same thing for each subform that contains a grid.

Can anyone verify, is this intended behavior, a bug, an un-released update, etc? Is my thinking completely wrong? I am happy to submit an enhancement request via Quest to get this rolling if I'm not thinking incorrectly.