Getting Deployment Description failed Error while generating JDE Business Service


I am trying to run Business Service locally but it is showing Deployment description failed Error.
It is showing as Deployment Description Error :java.lang.nullpointer Exception.
I am trying to create J2EE web service locally in fat client.

Could you please help me in this?
I am using Oracle Jdeveloper
Jdk 1.5 and JDE 9.0
Hello Jishnu

While I do not know which BSSV you want to run locally and debug them locally, I will give you two Oracle documents explaining how to run BSSV locally and debug BSSV locally.
Unfortunately the document is based on JDeveloper 11g, but I read this document and I was able to debug a provider BSSV locally when we were using 10g (JAX-RPC) on 8.12.

Consumer BSSV:
Doc ID 1346096.1

Provider BSSV:
Doc ID 1416001.1

Hope this helps

If the BSSV is custom then try if its compiling without any errors. If its standard then check if all the classes are included and available locally. If the error is given during creation of J2EE web service then check the deployment files.