Capacity Planning for JDE 9.2


We are currently on JDE XE SP24. Our primary Enterprise Server runs on IBM i. We are exploring the possibility of migrating to a Windows Server environment when upgrading to JDE 9.2. What I am struggling to find are resources on capacity planning/right-sizing for the Windows-based Enterprise servers. Does anyone have any resources or advice on right-sizing our infrastructure to ensure that we can meet our capacity demands?
Which hardware vendor are you planning to use for your x86 platform ? Do you already have a windows environment / VM infrastructure etc for other applications ? And if so which vendor - IBM , HP , Dell ? All of these have a sizing program for EnterpriseOne where you can define the workloads of your JDE E1 environment along with other requirements like high availability , DR etc and they will give you a solution . That should give you a good starting point.

Here is the link from IBM.

Can't seem to find valid links for HP and Dell anymore.
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