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    Capacity Planning for JDE 9.2

    We are currently on JDE XE SP24. Our primary Enterprise Server runs on IBM i. We are exploring the possibility of migrating to a Windows Server environment when upgrading to JDE 9.2. What I am struggling to find are resources on capacity planning/right-sizing for the Windows-based Enterprise...
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    Calling MSPAINT.EXE from an E1 Form

    Hi folks, This is my first time posting a question, so here goes. How can I run mspaint.exe from an E1 form? I'm using BSFN B34A1030 (Execute External Program), with the command string mspaint.exe \\sharedfolder\picture.jpg. It works on my fat client (DV920), but when I use the web...
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    JDE on SPARC/Solaris or Windows/IBM Flash?

    Hello, we are actually running JDE on Windows Server (MS SQL) and are quite happy. Nevertheless we have to expand our setup as we will become a more global operating company. Thus have to run JDE in the future for around 1200 users (not concurrent but all over the world). Therefore Oracle wants...