1. E9.1 Client Deployment for Features Requiring WebSphere?

    Hi List - Installing full clients features for web, workflow moduler. It errors out with seeking WebSphere install on the client first but we are a Weblogic shop not IBM. Any alternatives hosting site besides IBM since we aren't an IBM shop since requiring premium logon? Workarounds...
  2. Capacity Planning for JDE 9.2

    We are currently on JDE XE SP24. Our primary Enterprise Server runs on IBM i. We are exploring the possibility of migrating to a Windows Server environment when upgrading to JDE 9.2. What I am struggling to find are resources on capacity planning/right-sizing for the Windows-based Enterprise...
  3. JDE E1 9.0 Number of Concurrent Users

    Is there any tool in JDE E1 9.0 (Tools 9.1) running on IBM i, that looks at/shows user activity history, such as determining the peak number of concurrent users in a day?