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bi publisher

  1. J

    E9.2 Embed BI Publisher URL to CafeOne

    Hi, I'm attempting to embed a BI Publisher link into a CafeOne layout but I can't paste the entire link into the URL field. It's preventing me from passing more parameters to the form but the link verifies with no issue. I've tried this using Chrome, Firefox, IE and MS Edge and have had no...
  2. H

    PDF to Open Immediately

    Requirement - Click a field on a custom web app to launch a UBE and have the PDF open immediately instead of forcing the user to go to submitted jobs. The UBE has a BI publisher report definition associated to it. What is the best way to do this? I assume if I map UBE to run locally (via OCM)...
  3. Mike Mackinnon

    BI Publisher Output Problem - Long Dash Converted to Question Mark

    BI Publisher Output Problem - Long Dash Display as Question Mark [Server Font Issue] I have a BI report that is generating an invoice but I am seeing some of the output data showing as a "?" within an test output field. I am trying to output the Item Description for a line and the JDE/BI...
  4. J

    BI Publisher logo retrieved from the server file directory and referenced in RTF

    Hi, Has anyone been able to retrieve a logo image (in jpg, png, or gif format) from a server file directory, which is referenced in the RTF template? Kindly advise. Best Regards :cool:
  5. S

    JDE BI Publisher Sequencing Issue

    BI printing is cluttered and out of sequence. The documents in question are Delivery Receipt of Goods, Advice Note & Tax Invoice. I feel the reason is that JDE is processing the load as & when scanned and is passing the printing to BI to process the print request and provide the output in an...
  6. Mike Mackinnon

    Comma Values in XML File Causing Field to Repeat

    Has anyone had a problem with the BI Publisher reporting where in the BI Publisher PDF report a value is repeating if there is either a space or a comma in the text field being outputted. For example: Customer Invoice Printing Mailing Name: NSHA Distribution Centre Address Line1: 109 Dorey Ave...
  7. T

    Merging multiple records for the same customer into one rtf template

    Hi Please review my xml and rtf template and the results of what output I get. This is shown in the first table results in the excel file. I want the results to come out as per the second table in the excel file. What changes are required to be made to the rtf bi publisher template to achieve...
  8. P

    JDE BI Publisher Dynamic password on .PDF Template

    I am curious if there is a way to Dynamically set the password on a Adobe .PDF Form Template like the T4's. I have done this on a .rtf using the xdo properties but am stumped on an Adobe Form
  9. Mike Mackinnon

    Trying to Display List of Items Across Page

    I am trying to list serial numbers on invoice across the page instead of listing them in a single line down the page for each item on an invoice. See the following example of what it is that I'm trying to do... Current: Item 123456 - Testing Item Price $1.50 Quantity 5.00 Extended Price...
  10. R

    Config.cmd dies after running

    Hello I’m trying to install and configure BI publisher 12c on Windows 2012 r2 however after running rcu I’m unable to run config.cmd from bi\bin. The cmd dies after running it. Any solution friends?
  11. J

    BI Publisher Duplex

    We are on release 9.1, and are using BI Publisher quite extensively. We have a new requirement where we have been asked to print DUPLEX (both sides of the page) for a specific form. Need some pointers on where to go to do this.
  12. Mike Mackinnon

    Problem With Fonts not Working in New Tools Release

    We are doing some testing (hoping to go live shortly!) in Tools Release 9.2 for JDE. I have some BI Publisher reports with bar coding fonts that are not working on my reports in TR9.2. We have installed the fonts on the new server and it seems to work for JDE batch applications that have the...
  13. B

    Reduce asterisks in Check Amount String

    Hi BIP Gurus, I have a requirement to display the check amount with no more than 4 asterisks. Is it possible to recognize $*****1,476.05 (5 asterisks) and display it as $****1,476.05 (4 asterisks), or extreme case of $*********4.36 (9 asterisks) and display it as $****4.36 (4 asterisks) and...
  14. A

    How to generate XML from JD Edwards for BI Publisher?

    Hello everyone, I'm afraid this could be a repeat question on this forum and I promise I could not search a thread that was an exact match to my query. My organization is in the very early stages of implementing JD Edwards as an ERP solution and there is a vendor helping implement it...
  15. J

    BI Publisher AP Check Print - Check Print on First Page Only

    I am creating an RTF template for our AP checks. Our check prints at the bottom of the first page only and if there is remittance overflow it will print continue to print on the next page/s. I need help with getting the check to print only on the first page. I am using subtemplates in the order...
  16. G

    BI Publisher Email Delivery Error with status as 'FD'

    Hi Team, We are having an issue in BI Publisher where the RD output email delivery fails. We have verified the SMTP server settings. It works fine. We are able to send the test mail.When we look at the log files it says java.Lang.NullPointerException error. I have attached the log file with...
  17. Mike Mackinnon

    BI Publisher - Burst to Customer Email Address

    We have setup a process to email AR Customer Statements to our customers. The emailing seems to work fine so far. However, I am wondering if there is a way to specify the 'type' of email address to use from the F01151 table (types 'E', 'ES','I', etc.). We may have the possibility of many...
  18. Joselito

    BI Publisher hiding a table column with if@column and if@cell issue

    Hi guys, I've a requirement to show certain columns of a MS Word table based on a condition. For that I used if@column sentence to conditionate the table column. It worked fine. The issue is that I've the column in the midle of the table and at the end of the table I've a column for comments...
  19. V

    Regenerate BIP Output Files

    Hi , I am looking for an option to regenerate few BI Publisher PDF files. I cannot republish RD , as this will trigger emails in the Job. There are like 500 jobs with 14,000 PDF to be printed . Hence 'View PDF' won't be a easy task. Hence , looking for a solution . It would be appreciating...
  20. C

    BI Publisher Permissions not working

    I have installed a new 9.2 instance and now configuring BI Publisher server. I have everything configured but when I go to add the permissions for BIAuthor to the boilerplates the permissions window never opens. Has anyone else experienced this? I have an SR open with Oracle. Windows 2012 R2...