JDE BI Publisher Sequencing Issue


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BI printing is cluttered and out of sequence. The documents in question are Delivery Receipt of Goods, Advice Note & Tax Invoice.

I feel the reason is that JDE is processing the load as & when scanned and is passing the printing to BI to process the print request and provide the output in an ad hoc manner. This processing in JDE & passing the print request to BI is not sequenced and hence the issue.

I am planning to go through below 2 approaches but would love to have some comments on them or any new ideas based on your experience.

Option 1: Change the calling method of delivery documents from the Invoice subsystem (Synchronous/Asynchronous).

Option 2: Create a new version for Tax Invoice printing and convert the existing Invoice subsystem job a wrapper which will process the data and trigger the Invoice version & Delivery Document versions explicitly.