BI Publisher Output Problem - Long Dash Converted to Question Mark

Mike Mackinnon

Mike Mackinnon

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BI Publisher Output Problem - Long Dash Display as Question Mark [Server Font Issue]

I have a BI report that is generating an invoice but I am seeing some of the output data showing as a "?" within an test output field.
I am trying to output the Item Description for a line and the JDE/BI Publisher/XML is translating to a value of "?".

Here is the data output example:

Line 1 (output is "?"): J. Jones – Sol Arch 2 Off
Line 2 (output is '-'): S. Smith - Change Mgr

I think the issue is that the character is like an elongated dash that maybe the XML processor cannot handle and outputs a "?" character.
Has anyone seen this before and how ca we avoid this from happening?

See attachment for PDF output and XML screenshots that we are seeing.


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Have not seen this in the past but looks like to me may be the tag of the mapped field is not proper somehow . Have you checked that the tag <?field name_ID?> is proper and properly closed and opened . Do you have any space in between or anything causing tags not to appear properly
Mike, One thing i would try is to change the font used in the template. Good luck!
The tag is proper it is only limited to when the "EM dash" character is used.

It seems like maybe it is a problem with network or available language or something like that. Everything displays fine in the XML file but when out put it substitutes the "?" for the EM dash character. Whenever the EM dash character is not part of the field there are no problems. There are no problems when I run on my fat client (locally using the BI plugin for Word) so this is why I am thinking maybe it is a configuration on the server/database or something like that.

To get emdash to render correctly in Server PDF, download the font ALBANWTJ.ttf from
E1: XMLP: Double-Byte Characters and Symbols Or Language Special Characters are Displayed as Question Marks or Boxes on BI Publisher Report Output ( Doc ID 874194.1 ).

Copy font ALBANWTJ.ttf to the enterprise server directory \JDEdwardsPPack\E920\jdeJre\lib\fonts (if non-windows server use FTP in binary mode). There is no need to re-start E1 services.