Problem With Fonts not Working in New Tools Release

Mike Mackinnon

Mike Mackinnon

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We are doing some testing (hoping to go live shortly!) in Tools Release 9.2 for JDE.

I have some BI Publisher reports with bar coding fonts that are not working on my reports in TR9.2. We have installed the fonts on the new server and it seems to work for JDE batch applications that have the fonts embedded in the UBE.
However, when I try to print the fonts via a BI Publisher template I am not getting the fonts as is coming out as 'regular text' and not in the font I am using in the template.

The font I am using is "Code39One" which is a bar code font we use for scanning things like work order number, badges, etc.

* We have also moved to a new virtual server (same name) and upgraded from Windows 2008 R2 to Windows 2016.
* We have moved from TR to TR

I can send the template if you interested to see what that looks like.

I think I may have found my issue. It may have to do with a missing/incorrect xdo.cfg file that was not on the new server.
I will post a reply if this resolves my issue.

* The file is located in the following path - EnterpriseOne folder .../system/classes
That was the issue. The font is working properly now.
I needed to modify the XDO file and then put on the server (replace existing!) in the EnterpriseOne folder 'classes'.


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