Trying to Display List of Items Across Page

Mike Mackinnon

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I am trying to list serial numbers on invoice across the page instead of listing them in a single line down the page for each item on an invoice.
See the following example of what it is that I'm trying to do...


Item 123456 - Testing Item Price $1.50 Quantity 5.00 Extended Price $7.50
Serial Number - AARRE2134
Serial Number - AARRE2541
Serial Number - AARRE7388
Serial Number - AARRE9448
Serial Number - AARRE9832

Item 123456 - Testing Item Price $1.50 Quantity 5.00 Extended Price $7.50
Serial Number - AARRE2134 AARRE2541 AARRE7388 AARRE9448
Serial Number - AARRE9832

Is there a way to have them listed across the page like that like 4 or five serial numbers across?? Table??
I want to find a way to reduce the number of lines being displayed when we might have a hundred or more serial numbers for an item on a sales order.



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Use position()...

Create a 1x5 table. Since you want to display the text 'Serial Number' for every row, then that's your column 1.

Then, make each subsequent column a for-each loop that displays an occurence of serial number based on its position()modN.

When you do a for-each loop, each occurence has a position number - 1st occurence has position()=1; 2nd occurence is position()=2; and so on.

So using the mod operand together with position(), you can code it so that column 2 only shows occurences of position()mod1; column 3, position()mod2; column 4, position()mod3; column 5, position()mod0 (mod zero). Read up on what mod does if you don't know why the last column is mod 0.

Mike Mackinnon

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Thank you for your reply!

I think that level of coding is beyond my knowledge :) I did look at the Oracle document that came with the BI Publisher installation and there is a "Dynamic Data Columns" that seems to be similar to what I am looking for...listing column horizontally as opposed to vertically. I am going to have a look at that and see if that one makes more sense.

I've attached a screen shot of my XML for what I am looking for.


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