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  1. J

    BI Publisher logo retrieved from the server file directory and referenced in RTF

    Hi, Has anyone been able to retrieve a logo image (in jpg, png, or gif format) from a server file directory, which is referenced in the RTF template? Kindly advise. Best Regards :cool:
  2. R

    Print a duplicate table containing check details on same page.

    We have a check in production which has a conventional layout. ie It is an 8.5" x 11" page with the check at the bottom and the check stub at the top. The check stub contains a table which holds the check details. I have been asked to display a duplicate table of the check details. ie display...
  3. Mike Mackinnon

    Trying to Display List of Items Across Page

    I am trying to list serial numbers on invoice across the page instead of listing them in a single line down the page for each item on an invoice. See the following example of what it is that I'm trying to do... Current: Item 123456 - Testing Item Price $1.50 Quantity 5.00 Extended Price...
  4. J

    Embedded BI Publisher for JDE and dynamic page re-sizing (XSL-FO Stylesheet)

    Hi, We have a requirement from a customer to have a RTF Template for invoices to dynamically change the page size, based on the company location where it is processing. In other words, for the US location, invoices need to print with a page size="letter", whereas all other locations the...
  5. H

    XMLP Ouput Report

    Hello, We print invoices from JDE 9.1 using BIP (RTFs, report definitions). If an email address is found, the invoice is emailed, otherwise it is simply printed. After nightly invoice print runs, we would like to generate a report that lists each invoice number, the print queue job number...
  6. Mike Mackinnon

    Printing Sales Invoice with Serial Numbers - R42565

    I am working on a BI Publisher report for R42565 and the customer wants to see the sales order lines 'condensed' by item. What they are looking for is if the item is repeated to only list the item ONCE but have a listing of all the serial numbers for that item that come from different lines for...
  7. A

    How do I dynamically change field text color in RTF template for BI Publisher report?

    How do I dynamically change field text color in RTF template for BI Publisher report? Forexample, if my field called 'LEVEL' value = 'Platinum' then I want field text color to be Platinum Color: C-20%, M-9%, Y-7%, K-44% or if 'LEVEL' value = 'Gold' then I want field text color to be Gold...
  8. Mike Mackinnon

    Minor Formatting Issue with Company Logo

    I am having a minor issue with the display of company logo on the BI Publisher report. The logo appears to be fine and when I paste/insert into the RTF file it looks good. However when I generate the PDF file I am seeing lines under the logo...like the bottom of the logo is being...
  9. Amith

    BI Publisher Page Break Issue

    Hello, I am working on a rtf invoice template. I am having issue in printing the notes at the end of each invoice. To explain in detail, I am running the report for two invoice number. the rtf will generate in 2 different pages, one for each invoice number. Now we got a requirement to print...
  10. M

    Designing BIPublisher template for Work order print - R31415

    Hey list Due to some technical reasons, we had to urgently create a R31415 based BIPublisher template. I am able to generate the XML file as well as to build the initial WO print (showing WO detail info, parts list and routing info). However, when multiple orders are selected, the sections...
  11. Mike Mackinnon

    Dynamic Font Changes in Word Template

    I am not an XML programmer so I am not sure of the syntax or even if this can be done but I am trying to resize a BI Publisher property dynamically according to a condition of another field. This is somewhat related to my other issue I had with trying to fit an attachment into a single page...
  12. Mike Mackinnon

    Multi Record Line in RTF

    Is there a way to incorporate multiple records on one line in the RTF template? What I am trying to do is print barcoding badges for users and instead of outputting a single badge per line I am trying to squeeze two barcoding badges per line (saving paper). I'm not sure but is there a way to...
  13. Mike Mackinnon

    BI Publisher - Invoice Print [Auto Fill Page]

    I think this is a simple question regarding BI publisher table layout. I am trying to have the table containing invoice details 'fill' the page. I would like to keep the table size the same no matter how many records are contained within the table so if there are 3 records or 20 records the...