XMLP Ouput Report



We print invoices from JDE 9.1 using BIP (RTFs, report definitions). If an email address is found, the invoice is emailed, otherwise it is simply printed. After nightly invoice print runs, we would like to generate a report that lists each invoice number, the print queue job number, and the F95632.DDRPDDVLOC (RD Delivery location - printer/email). The would be sort of a reconciliation between system data (print queue - F9563110, F95632) and business data (F4211/F42119.doc). Any ideas?
Create a custom table keyed by invoice (DOC, DCT, KCO) and contains the job keys (JOBNBR, EXEHOST). Create a BSFN that will populate the custom table. Call the new BSFN in the invoice UBEs (R42565, R03B505, etc).

Once you have the JOBNBR and EXEHOST, then you can look up the rest of the BIP job details. If you're only concerned with producing the reconcialiation report, you can make the report delete each entry in the custom table that it reports. That way, the custom table doesn't grow. Or you can keep the records for a specified period. Either, every time the recon report runs, it cleans up stale records in the custom table.