Print a duplicate table containing check details on same page.


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We have a check in production which has a conventional layout. ie It is an 8.5" x 11" page with the check at the bottom and the check stub at the top. The check stub contains a table which holds the check details.

I have been asked to display a duplicate table of the check details. ie display the same table twice on the check stub.

The business would like this because their current checks are divided into 3 parts by perforations. I part for the check. The other 2 parts for the details. They want to be able to tear off the top portion (containing the first table) and keep for their own records and mail out the rest (the check and the 2nd table of details).

Therefore the requirement is:

Leave the check as is, but the table containing the detail lines must be shown in a duplicate table on the same page.
This means that instead of having 1 table listing the detail lines, now you will have 2 identical tables.

If there were 30 lines of details then that would fill a table. Therefore we would want the first 15 lines printed in the first table and then those same 15 lines printed again in a 2nd table on the first check. The remain 15 lines would need to be printed on the 2nd page in 2 identical tables.

So far, I have been unable to fill this request. Wondering if anyone has any ideas or can point me in the right direction on this. I could share the rtf if required. Will have to redact the xml if that is required.

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You have to start your research with how payment groups are created. Before you can print checks, you have to create payment groups.

Why the need to go as far back as payment groups? Because the payment group creation process determines the maximum number of lines/records will be written in the check stub. If that maximum is exceeded for the check, the rest of the lines/records are written to a different table.

With that set, your check print program, clone of R04572, and consequently the stub section in the XML, will be limited to the maximum number of lines you want.

What about the rest of the lines? Your R04572 clone must read them from the other table using a separate section in the UBE so that they'll appear in a separate node in the XML. Then you can build your template to handle that separately for 2nd page onwards.