Minor Formatting Issue with Company Logo

Mike Mackinnon

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I am having a minor issue with the display of company logo on the BI Publisher report. The logo appears to be fine and when I paste/insert into the RTF file it looks good. However when I generate the PDF file I am seeing lines under the logo...like the bottom of the logo is being cutoff/underlined. However when I print the PDF file it looks fine.

I am attaching a screen shot of my RTF document and the resulting PDF that is generated.
The reason I asking is because we are hoping to email the report to customers and would (obviously) prefer if it did not look strange when they open it.

Does anybody know what cause this or if there is a way to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance!


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Jitendra P

Hi Mike,

It seems that the logo is getting stretched out when generated in PDF. Place the logo in a table cell and right click the cell->Go to "AutoFit"-> and select option "AutoFit to Contents". This should solve the problem.

Hope this helps you.


Mike Mackinnon

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OK, I think I have fixed the issue...
Here is what I think fixed the issue. When I put the picture into the RTF document I used the "Merge Formatting" instead of 'regular' paste and then some other tinkering with the 'wrap text' option (put in front!) and it seemed to work now.

Mark: Thanks for your help as I was able to convert the EPS file to an image and use that. I'm not sure that was the actual issue as I was making a few changes at once so I'm not sure which change was the 'true' fix on this problem - poor version control!!! :) So once I got it working I did not go back and try to isolate the issue I was having as I was happy to get it working.
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Hi Mike,

Glad this worked out for your. Version control is important! If you need anything shoot me a note.