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Mike Mackinnon

Mike Mackinnon

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I think this is a simple question regarding BI publisher table layout. I am trying to have the table containing invoice details 'fill' the page. I would like to keep the table size the same no matter how many records are contained within the table so if there are 3 records or 20 records the table size does not other words maintain positioning on the output (PDF) report.

Is there a way to have the table in the BI publisher document (RTF document) auto-size so that it does NOT resize (shrink or grow) according to the number of data records?
I have attached screen shots of the RTF document and the resulting invoice printout (PDF).

Let me know if you need additional information as I will provide.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Mike,
Unfortunately producing a static table in RTF is not that easy. You can do this as stated below.

In you report maintain a counter which will preset the records on Page 1, Page 2 and like wise. For example, if you decide to set 10 records on a page, then your variable should read 1 for the entire 10 records. 2 for next 10 record and like wise. You can then put the loop in your RTF on that variable.
Now, You have to put an additional loop to fill the empty space. For ex. If no. of records are 4 then you need 6 empty rows to produce the fixed format.
So, in this way you can ensure you will have 10 records always on the page.
First off... thank you for your reply Abhishek!

I think I may have found a solution....I just need to test as I modified the Word template to merge the cells together into a single cell with one row. Then I specified that the row is to "Exactly" a specific width.
It seems to work fine but I need to also test page overflow for invoice with multiple lines!

I will test then attach my RTF document if successful for future posterity...wish me luck :)
Got it...I think.

I have to merge the cells into one row and place the repeating [for-each] around the merged row. Then after specifying the row width/height "Exactly" it seemed to work fine after that.

I also had to indicate the "Allow Rows to Break Across Pages" because otherwise I was always getting a first page that had no records on it. So I am attaching a screen shot of the RTF document in case anybody is interested. You may contact me if need more information (just trying to share wealth of information!).

I forgot to mention I need no lines between the rows which also made the level of difficulty a bit harder.


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Nice to know Mike!! :)
If you can share the RTF and one sample xml that will be great leaning.
Invoice Print Template - Auto Fill of Page

Invoice template....

*** Seems like the RTF document is not supported??????
RTF Document - Word (.doc) Format

Here is the RTF document in Word format....


  • RHO03B01_TMPL4.doc
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Mike and Abhishek , omg.....y'all my heroes. I am having a similar issue.
I will try the steps outline here and I hope you help me when I get stuck.
In my case I need the row lines to separate each record, and to repeat for multiple pages.

Thank you
@niitackie were you able to do the same with border lines?? I have the same requirement as yours but i am not able to have the output as that of Mike's it is failing for a fixed size box, not sure what i am missing out on, just have borders in between columns that is it.

Please share your rtf for detail lines with borders ...that would be of great help.
Hi Mike, your post is really helpful . recently I got introduced to BIP. I would appreciate if you could attach the XML.