BI Publisher Page Break Issue


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I am working on a rtf invoice template. I am having issue in printing the notes at the end of each invoice.
To explain in detail, I am running the report for two invoice number. the rtf will generate in 2 different pages, one for each invoice number. Now we got a requirement to print some notes at the end of each invoice(next page). So it has to generate 4 pages INVOICE- NOTES-INVOICE- NOTES.
If notes does not exist for that invoice no need to page break,it should continue in next page for other invoice. And if we run for only one invoice it should print INVOICE- NOTES

Notes = Customer_Notes_Display_ID317
Invoice = Invoice_Number_ID27

If i keep the notes xml tag in footer it prints in the same page, if i add page break it only generates 3 pages and only first order notes is displaying at last page.
Please find attached rtf template and xml. [PS. This rtf has 2 pages because if the detail line are more and does not fit in once page it goes to second page keeping the header and footer same.]

Please help me on this.


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