1. E9.2 How to do AR and AP invoicing + bank statements in JDE

    Hi JDE community, I am a new user in JDE. Is there a topic here on JDE on how to register supplier invoices / create customer invoices? Basic stuff Pair payments AR and AP with invoices (bank statement)? I´ve used IFS applications 9 and I have no experience with JDE whatsoever
  2. Newbie on JDE - requiring assistance

    Hi Team, Is there an existing thread / manual on how to register supplier invoices within JDE? How to create customer invoices? How to pair supplier payments and customer receipts bank statements within JDE? I am only familiar with IFS Applications 9. We will be using JDE 9.2 BASIC. Thank...
  3. wrafafer

    N/A Invoice details on F0911

    I am trying to relate tables F0911 with F7601B and F76101B by using F0911.GLVINV = xxBNNF (invoice number) and F0911.GLAN8 = xxAN8V (supplier code) with the aim to bring invoice details such as SERIES (FHBSER) and INVOICE TYPE (FHDCT), for example. However a few lines do not contain F0911.GLVINV...
  4. E9.2 Matching Purchase Orders and Invoice

    Hello All, Can you please let me know how to match an Invoice with its corresponding Purchase Order if it exists? I am using F0411 and F4311 but unsure about the join columns.
  5. Mike Mackinnon

    Comma Values in XML File Causing Field to Repeat

    Has anyone had a problem with the BI Publisher reporting where in the BI Publisher PDF report a value is repeating if there is either a space or a comma in the text field being outputted. For example: Customer Invoice Printing Mailing Name: NSHA Distribution Centre Address Line1: 109 Dorey Ave...
  6. Mike Mackinnon

    Trying to Display List of Items Across Page

    I am trying to list serial numbers on invoice across the page instead of listing them in a single line down the page for each item on an invoice. See the following example of what it is that I'm trying to do... Current: Item 123456 - Testing Item Price $1.50 Quantity 5.00 Extended Price...
  7. Mike Mackinnon

    Printing Sales Invoice with Serial Numbers - R42565

    I am working on a BI Publisher report for R42565 and the customer wants to see the sales order lines 'condensed' by item. What they are looking for is if the item is repeated to only list the item ONCE but have a listing of all the serial numbers for that item that come from different lines for...
  8. Amith

    BI Publisher Page Break Issue

    Hello, I am working on a rtf invoice template. I am having issue in printing the notes at the end of each invoice. To explain in detail, I am running the report for two invoice number. the rtf will generate in 2 different pages, one for each invoice number. Now we got a requirement to print...
  9. Invoice Next Number to be restarted

    We have already reached the 8 digits limit in our Invoice number, and some of our customers are complaining that they cannot process our invoices due to the long number we are assigning to them. So, we need to re-start numbering our invoices again. Does anybody know the consequences of...
  10. Two Invoice Numbers for One Lease Number - Real Estate Module

    In the R15100 UBE, has anyone run into a bug where there are two Invoice Numbers created for the same Lease Number? Now there are fields where a difference would cause a separate Invoice Number to be created but in this case, all the numbers are the same for the Leases in question. Here is a...
  11. marianotdl

    Reprint invoice has Invoice Date and Due Date different than the Original Invoice

    Reprint invoice has Invoice Date and Due Date different than the Original Invoice. Does anyone face this kind of issue before? I can't figure out why it is happening. Invoice Date & Due Date are different of the ones on the original invoice. Reprint : Invoice date 23/02/15 due date = 19/04/15...