Newbie on JDE - requiring assistance


Hi Team,

Is there an existing thread / manual on how to register supplier invoices within JDE?
How to create customer invoices?
How to pair supplier payments and customer receipts bank statements within JDE?

I am only familiar with IFS Applications 9.
We will be using JDE 9.2 BASIC.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards
Hi Matthew,

I was in your same situation long back.
I suggest you one thing: If you are totally unaware about the JDE, better to have a training at the beginning. It will have a great impact on your daily tasks.
Hi everyone,

Thank you for your responses.

@tboat00 thank you for the link.
@Rauf we have training sessions going on, however in my humble opinion they´re not going into details or they´re simply showing to us many things at once which is ineffective. Thank you though. It´s also important to draw knowledge from different places. If we take it only from one place it becomes rigid and stale

Kind regards
Hello Matthew - The PDF files attached here same as shared by Mr. tboat00 in above email thread.
For Accounts Payable, Form Page 77 till 1106 you can see the Standard Voucher Entry process which is same as Supplier invoice Entry.
For Accounts Receivable from Page 259 till 305 is for manual entry of Receipts.
However as Mr. Rauf suggested, you need to have a basic training on JDE Financial module because it requires pre-requisites such has GL Constant, company constant, AP,AR constant, Chart of Account, AAI etc.