1. Rauf

    R09801 shows "No F0911 records exist in this Batch.

    The PDF of job R09801 shows "No F0911 records exist in this Batch" after posting a payment. Where should I check this issue. As far as I know, F0911 records for a paymet is generated while posting. This issue is for some payments done on two months ago. And for current batches, no issues. How...
  2. Mike Mackinnon

    AP Discounts - Discount Date AFTER Due Date?

    We are looking to setup a scenario where we have a Due Date of 30 days with a 10% discount. However we still want to take the discount in case we miss the discount. The reason for this is that normally we pay in 30 days but sometimes there are disputes on each side that once resolved should...
  3. AP Checks Consuming Payment Number for Overflow Stub

    When printing AP checks, if there are more detail lines than allowed on a stub, multiple pages will print with the live check being on the last page and void checks on the previous pages. Each page consumes a payment number. This leaves payment number gaps in the Supplier Payment Ledger. I...