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Hi Guys. Thought I'd poke my head up in the Functional area of our board for a change !

I've been looking at some of the old JD Edwards benchmarks that I and others created while at JD Edwards. The latest set of benchmarks are called "A Day in the life" - and are a suite of both interactive and batch processes that are utilized to somewhat look like a bunch of busy users on E1.

The issue has always been in the past that all the benchmarks need a bunch of very specific data created in E1 - at one point we even created a cheese making factory on the moon for the original high-watermark benchmark tests !

The thing is, that JDE does have Demo Jr with data for the "bicycle store".

My question is, how can I use a Demo Jr database to perform a "day in the life" set of processes ?

For example, I know I can create sales orders by using Branch Plant "M30", customer and ship to value of "4242" and items numbers 2001,2002,2003,2004 and 2005. Simples.

My question to you very well knowledgeable functional folks - is what do I enter for the following applications to get them to utilize the 'bicycle store' - and are there any other transactions for functionality that might be missing in this list ?

P03B102 - Apply Receipts
P0411 - Supplier Ledger Inquiry
P051141 - Daily Time Entry
P17500 - Case Management Add
P31114 - Work Order Completion
P3411 - MRP Messages (WO, OP and OT)
P4113 - Inventory Transfer
P42101 - Sales Order Entry
P42101 - Sales Order Update
P4310 - Purchase Order Entry
P4312 - Purchase Order Receipts
P4314 - Voucher Match
P4915 - Ship Confirmation

I'd also like to be able to run the following batch processes on Demo jr - if there are processing options, etc that need to be set - I'd also like to know how to do this :
R42520 - Print Pick Slip
R09801 - GL Post
R31410 - WO Processing
R31802A - Mfg Account Jornal
R03B155 - A/R Summary Analysis
R0012P1 - AAI Report
R04413 - Open A/R Summary Report
R04602 - Supplier Analysis Report
R0008P - Date Patterns Report
R0018P - Tax Detail Report
R0006P - Business Unit Report
R41543 - Item Ledger/Account integrity
R00425 - Organization Structure Report
R0004P - UDC Records type print
R03B31 - Activity Log Report
R0909P - Chart of Accounts Report
R09017 - Account Translation Report
R0014 - Payment Terms Report
R42072 - Price Category Print
R0010P - Company constants report
R03B461 - Collection Report
R46990 - Warehouse Location Integrity

It seems to me that most of the UBE processes in the "Day in the life" are just reports designed to put a little extra pressure on the system. What I really like to see is, for example, a full Order-to-Cash process (ie, Sales Order Entry, Sales Update, Invoice Print, Pickslip and GL Post). Now, I understand that if I'm stress testing, I can't run certain processes while "users" are online. But I'd love to be able to then show that all the transactions went through the system - and I could template a test that might have certain transactions early in the test, and other type of transactions (like GL Post) at the end of the test.

What do you guys think ? I'm hoping that together we put together a really nice test script that demonstrates how E1 works - so that I can then use it to create a parallel performance test and really show some amazing benchmarks for certain technical stacks ! !

Thankyou in advance !
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Hi Jon,
it's sound very interesting but I'm missing one point; how do you plan to execute the test? If I remember the day in the life was build on Oralce Application Testing Suite. Do you plan to use some open source framework?
I'll probably put this all into OATS. It seems that Oracle wants to push their testing suite - and though theres a number of open source frameworks out there, i'd rather just use the one oracle product to do it.

However, I am tempted to put this into a distributable executable, so that anyone can launch a "test" against development data to stress test their architecture !
I haven't had an answer to this yet - and I'm surprised that nobody shares the value of something like this.

So, let me demonstrate how this might be a good process to document. I'm having an issue getting the final stage through, so I would really appreciate if a Sales Order Processing person can help with the Demo Data in that regard !

1. Enter Sales Order (P42101) - MCU is M30, Customer # and Ship-to is 4242, Item # is 2001 (one line) - Order is 520/540 (Last/next status)
2. Print Pick Slip (R42520|XJDE0001) - order moves to 540/560
3. Print Invoice (R42565|XJDE0001) - order moves to 560/620
4. Sales Update (R42800|XJDE0002) - I can't seem to get this to pick up data
5. GL Post (R09801|XJDEDOC3) - I can't seem to get this to pick up data
6. Ship Confirm (R42500|XJDE0002) - order moves to 620/999

Is this the right way to push the order through demo data ? How do I get the order through GL Post ? I can't seem to create Financial Transactions as I push through the order. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Note this is all using Standalone/Demo Data - and I'm trying to do this so I can show the transactions flowing through into the GL for a performance test, not for any functional test.
You will need to follow OAR - P40204 for the correct order processing flow.
Usually like the ones below...and use the order date to be in year 2017.

1. Enter Order - 520/540
2. Print pickslip - 540/560
3. Ship Confirm - 560/580
4. Print Invoice - 580/620
5. sales Update - 620/999

Hope it helps!!


Run R42800 (Sales Update) to create GL entries, and then post the resulting batch(es). At least that's what creates the GL entries for our system (knowing that you're looking at demo data).
ok - so I'm running R42800|XJDE0002 - and I want it to run on all orders in the system.

Data Selection is DOCNO <>0 and NXTR < 999

Processing Options - if I understand what aaro is stating - is as follows :
Specific Date as A/R Invoice Date : blank
Specific Date as G/L Date : 01/01/2017

When I run that, that seems to work.

Then I follow it up with G/L Post :
R09801|XJDEDOC1 with the following options :
IST = 'A' and ICUT = 'IB'

But now I get some out-of-balance errors with some of the "default" data already in the system. Anyone know how to resolve those ?
HI John,

In a simple setup, you would usually run sales update (R42800) on all orders at next status 620, which means all orders that have been ship confirmed and invoiced. That will update the status to 999 and move to sales history (if enabled). Then post the IB batches created by sales updated with R09801.

Hi Jon,

After you run R42800 Sales Update and R09801 GL Post for the IB batch, then you finish the full Order-to-Cash process with:

R03B155 - A/R Summary Analysis
P03B102 - Apply Receipts
R09801 - GL Post for RB batch
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Hi Jon,

Instead of trying to resolve the out-of-balance errors with the "default" data already in the system, you might want to add some more data selection to ignore the "default" data. (e.g. User ID <> 'JDE' or Batch Number > ###### or Date Batch > 01/01/2016)

Happy testing!