HUG 2015 Sponsor Membership Recruiting Kick-Off

Terry DeMoure

Terry DeMoure

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What an exciting year HUG members experienced in 2014 with attendance at our quarterly meetings growing by over thirty five percent at our newly formatted quarterly meetings chocked full of awesome keynote presentations and world class educational sessions all crowned at year’s end by our 4th Annual H.U.G. Annual Holiday Social Networking Event and Casino Night event attracting the largest annual gathering of Oracle JD Edwards and PeopleSoft professionals in Southern Texas to date. But while all of that excitement was electrifying our membership, your HUG Executive BOD Management Team was working diligently on designing our organization’s new direction for 2015 with the primary goal of reaching out even more and doubling our customer user membership base here in Houston and the Southern Texas region. We determined our goals on where we needed to be and designed the winning formula to enable HUG to reach those goals.

As was announced in July of last year to the entire HUG membership, in 2015 HUG would be introducing numerous enhancements to the planning, curriculum, logistics, and membership structures of our HUG organization.

In 2015 we have expanded our quarterly meeting educational curriculum from three to four education tracks each consisting of two sixty minute sessions back-to-back in each track. The JD Edwards educational tracks will be Technical, Financial, and Other (i.e., Manufacturing, Distribution, Human Resources, Training, BI Publishing, etc.) with the fourth track consisting of two PeopleSoft programs. Additionally, both of the sessions in each track to the same industry target audience and rotate quarter to quarter to insure that all need and interests of our Customer Members are met. We will also continue with our goal to bring you incredible and unique award winning keynote presentations on numerous subjects impacting our industry, city, state, region, country, and/or world.

As a small preview, we are currently working on JD Edwards sessions such as "Inventory to G/L Reconciliation Process”, “JDE Mobile Application Framework and Application Integration Server”, “Automated 3-Way Match”, and “What’s New in JDE?”; as well as, JD Edwards panel discussions and hands-on workshops just to name a few. On the PeopleSoft side, “Automated Tools for PS 9.1 vs 9.2”, “PS Fin & HR Tips and Short Cuts”, and “What’s New in PeopleSoft” just as starters. In addition to teaming up with Oracle for numerous programming opportunities, we are also extremely interested in hearing from you about your interest in hosting potential educational sessions and events for HUG in 2015.

In 2015 HUG is introducing a new membership portal website. The membership portal will host all Houston Regional User Group content including educational session presentations from meetings past and will provide a mechanism for Houston Regional User Group member networking and access to all kinds of valuable resource information from other Oracle JD Edwards and PeopleSoft user clients, consultants, experts, Oracle staff, Oracle Certified Business Partners, and other third-party vendors in this region and around the world, all in a controlled access online environment.

After this initial HUG 2015 Sponsor Membership Recruiting Kick-Off in January/February 2015, other business partner vendors with potential interest in becoming new HUG Sponsor members will have access to a membership subscription functionality on our new HUG website offering new Sponsor members to easily select and purchase an appropriate sponsor package via a secure e-commerce shopping experience; as well as, offering existing Sponsor Member renewals in 2016.

In 2015 the most significant enhancement to HUG is totally restructuring of our HUG membership levels. In order to insure that we eliminate all obstacles for those Oracle JD Edwards and PeopleSoft customer users that yearn all of the benefits that HUG membership offers, we have eliminated all membership fees for all Customer Members who will be able to attend all HUG quarterly events for FREE.

All of this is only possible with your support as a HUG Sponsor Member for 2015. We have introduced five new membership levels with all new benefits for each ascending level of sponsorship. We realize how vital our HUG Sponsor Members are to our organization’s operations and determined that we need to enhance the value and benefits they can derive from their generous sponsorship dollars.

Included as a downloadable attachment to posting you will find the HUG 2015 Sponsorship Application. All of the new HUG Sponsor Membership levels are thoroughly explained with the included benefits packages, pricing, and expiration dates for availability of Sponsor Membership levels since most of these benefits packages contain quarterly benefits which become unavailable after elapsed time within the year.

The impact of the networking aspect of HUG membership is perhaps that most valuable and most visibly realized. Each HUG member has been provided with numerous opportunities to collaborate with other Oracle JD Edwards and PeopleSoft user clients, consultants, experts, Oracle staff, Oracle Certified Business Partners, and other third-party vendors in this region and around the world. You can see it and feel it. HUG members truly grow in expertise as professionals through these associations built with our global Oracle JD Edwards and PeopleSoft user community through HUG. This potential for personal and professional growth never stops as a result of more and more opportunities for new knowledge sharing relationships brought to the table by valuable supporters such as you and your company. With our primary objective for HUG in 2015-2016 being significant growth in our Customer Membership base of Oracle JD Edwards and PeopleSoft user clients and increasing attendance at our HUG Quarterly meetings, you and your company will also derive significant benefits as we meet that objective welcoming a whole new crop of HUG Customer Members and potential clients for you. We need your help through your HUG Sponsor Membership to make this happen and look forward to your company’s continued support, recommendations and critiques.

Please join/renew as a HUG 2015 Sponsor Member in the Houston Regional Users Group for Oracle JD Edwards and PeopleSoft Users, HUG today by completing the HUG 2015 Sponsorship Application and submitting with your payment.

We are looking forward to introducing you and your company as a HUG 2015 Sponsor Member at our HUG 2015 Q1 Meeting on February 19th 2015 at The Heights Villa where we will all share in the incredible experience of building something even greater together.


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