Invoice Next Number to be restarted


We have already reached the 8 digits limit in our Invoice number, and some of our customers are complaining that they cannot process our invoices due to the long number we are assigning to them. So, we need to re-start numbering our invoices again.
Does anybody know the consequences of restarting the numbering, and what would be the easiest/safest way to do this. Is there any written step by step procedure?
Before you study the consequences of next numbering, have you evaluated implementing "next numbers by company and document type?" to determine if it is applicable in your case.
Thank you for your prompt reply, rsvconsulting.
I have not evaluated "next numbering by company and document type"...Do you know where the documentation for this is? Although I honestly don't see (based on the title) how it may help my issue with the customer, I understand I may be wrong, so I will read and evaluate. Thanks
Here is a doc that might help.


  • NN by company and doc type.pdf
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Well... Thank you for at least trying... :)
The document in the link provided a very good manual for implementing next numbering, which is already done. Also, the first page indicates that the instructions apply to Enterprise One versions, and I am currently working on a World (A73) environment, although I understand the concepts may be exactly the same. What I am looking for here is a safe way to re-start numbering my invoices, knowing that there is going to be old invoices that will need to be purged, in order to avoid duplication. The ideal solution would come from somebody who has had the same problem before, and can provide a step by step procedure to follow.
Instead of posting the doc, why not just post the doc id. Many companies are no longer paying for Oracle support and don't have access to what you're attaching.
You need to test next numbers by company and by document type. This will aid you in preventing duplication of numbers for specific invoices, you can create user defined document types, you can embed fiscal year into the next number. There are numerous solutions that you can test to define the best solution that meets your business case needs.