E9.1 Order Return and Re-Invoice Process - SAME DAY RMA ?? - NEED *CLEVER* Solution!


Return and Re-Bill Process
IMPROVE current process -- many steps dependent on multiple users and small window of time.

Using Credit From History today -- but the order has to be already posted to GL.

EXAMPLE: We have instances of a truck picking up a load at which point we do final ship confirmation - and then going out to a scale and coming back to the plant to have a pallet removed due to being overweight (ONLY AN ISSUE IF OVER 2 hours PAST ship confirmation).

ISSUE IS: we have already done ship confirmation and moved on to invoicing -- so we do not have a clean (fixed/updated) invoice going out to the customer.
>>> Even if we do a return immediately of the pallet removed -- the ASN and the Invoice are incorrect as the Return does not update/impact them.

We have tried adding a negative line to the original sales order and using a time frame where that could pick up and apply to the invoice -- without success.
??? Possible to achieve using Order Activity Rules ???

Any suggestions or solutions are greatly appreciated!
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Can you wait to send the order through the ASN step until the 2-hour window has passed?

We have written a small utility program that will clear the invoice key fields and reset the order status back to the desired status (post ship confirmation) based on the business case. If you should ship the negative line to get it to the same status as the rest of the order after the reset, then you could let the ASN and invoice run normally. This program is only in the hands of the proper associates authorized to make these changes.