E9.2 Possible to have P4312 advance freight line?



We are setting up a drop ship process for one of our suppliers. We will send them a ShipIt station to process these orders. I'm using this support document as a reference: https://support.oracle.com/epmos/fa...afrWindowMode=0&_adf.ctrl-state=ysfztkuuc_205

We have the setup nearly done, however the only issue is after the shipping process. When our supplier runs the item through shipit, it will add on the F1 freight charge line, and advance the direct ship 'D' line item to a 570. From there, our nightly scheduled invoice and sales update job would close this. The issue is that we'd want to make sure that the PO is receieved in and the OD is closed before this happens. To get around this, i modified the order activity rules so that the D2 line has to go to a 574 before the invoice/sales update jobs can run. The D2 line would be advanced to a 574 next status through the P4312 PO Receipt program. This would resolve the issue for the D2 line, however it still leaves an issue with the freight line as that would remain at a 570. I've modifed a status update program specifically for this that would just bump the freight line, however it's not very robust and an extra step. Is there any way to have the P4312 advance the status of the freight line as well? Just a note, I cannot edit the P4205 ship confirm called by shipit for this as it would affect our other order flows.