Comma Values in XML File Causing Field to Repeat

Mike Mackinnon

Mike Mackinnon

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Has anyone had a problem with the BI Publisher reporting where in the BI Publisher PDF report a value is repeating if there is either a space or a comma in the text field being outputted.
For example: Customer Invoice Printing

Mailing Name: NSHA Distribution Centre
Address Line1: 109 Dorey Ave, Unit 1
Address Line2: Burnside

Displays in BI Publisher (and XML file) as:
NSHA Distribution Centre
NSHA Distribution Centre

When we remove the comma from Address Line 2 it then prints properly. I am assuming there was some change when we went to JDE9.0 to JDE9.2 that there is a a bug.
I am also looking on Oracle support to try and identify a bug but though I would post here as well. Thanks!

* We are currently testing on JDE9.2, Tools Release:
Mike, if the text "NSHA Distribution Centre" occurs in the source XML's <Address Line1> tag as well as the BIP output, then BIP is doing what it was told to do. But if the XML tag has the value "109 Dorey Ave, Unit 1", then it would be a problem with BI Publisher. Are you using an RTF template?
- Kim
1.) It is appearing in the XML file as repeating. Thinking maybe it is a UBE/XML generation problem. I will go through the code again in UBE to check and maybe run DEBUG on this to inspect the values as program is running.
2.) Yes RTF template.

Turns out that I think this was a company constants setting that was maybe changed the way the BF handled the codes in the table.
It's like 'blank' (which was our value) is not quite treated like the description from UDC anymore.

The solution was to plug the value of "04" into the country constants instead of using the blank value (like we were doing) and it seemed to work.
- Seems like the blank value is different in new release of 9.2.

* Not a BI Publisher problem!