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  1. Mike Mackinnon

    Trying to Display List of Items Across Page

    I am trying to list serial numbers on invoice across the page instead of listing them in a single line down the page for each item on an invoice. See the following example of what it is that I'm trying to do... Current: Item 123456 - Testing Item Price $1.50 Quantity 5.00 Extended Price...
  2. Mike Mackinnon

    Problem With Fonts not Working in New Tools Release

    We are doing some testing (hoping to go live shortly!) in Tools Release 9.2 for JDE. I have some BI Publisher reports with bar coding fonts that are not working on my reports in TR9.2. We have installed the fonts on the new server and it seems to work for JDE batch applications that have the...
  3. R

    Was printing correct check template, then within seconds changed to old check templat

    We promoted a check for a new bank to production a few weeks ago. The first time we printed checks it used an old template (the MICR was printed off the bottom of the page). To quickly fix this we went into PD and uploaded the proper template using P95600. It worked fine up until yesterday...
  4. T

    Looking for Steps to Copy an existing JDE920 setup to create a new JDE920 instance

    Hi Team, I have a fully configured jde920 setup with tools and want to have a separate similar instance. I am planning for capture the machine images of Deployment server and enterprise servers and create two new machines from these images. As I don't want to do the installations of...
  5. Mike Mackinnon

    Print Immediate versus Display and Print from Windows [DIFFERENT!]

    Not sure if anyone has discovered the differences between between a BI Publisher result via print immediate or bringing up a submitted job and sending to printer. I seem to be getting layout/spacing differences with the report. Has anyone seen this and is there a way to resolve these...
  6. A

    How do I dynamically change field text color in RTF template for BI Publisher report?

    How do I dynamically change field text color in RTF template for BI Publisher report? Forexample, if my field called 'LEVEL' value = 'Platinum' then I want field text color to be Platinum Color: C-20%, M-9%, Y-7%, K-44% or if 'LEVEL' value = 'Gold' then I want field text color to be Gold...
  7. Mike Mackinnon

    Multi Record Line in RTF

    Is there a way to incorporate multiple records on one line in the RTF template? What I am trying to do is print barcoding badges for users and instead of outputting a single badge per line I am trying to squeeze two barcoding badges per line (saving paper). I'm not sure but is there a way to...