BI Publisher Duplex

We are on release 9.1, and are using BI Publisher quite extensively. We have a new requirement where we have been asked to print DUPLEX (both sides of the page) for a specific form. Need some pointers on where to go to do this.
I don't think that can be controlled via BI Publisher...

I would think this needs to be controlled at the windows level or specific printer that is set to duplex.
Do the users 'view job' in submitted jobs or is it submitted to Print Immediate in BI Publisher setup?
Mike's correct. Although you can create a template a RTF template to handle the even/odd page flow - the front and back page - the setup to actually print duplex is controlled at OS level.

What we did was set up 2 Windows printers both pointing to the same physical printer. One Windows printer is set up to print duplex by default. The other set up to print on one side only. JDE/E1 is then set up to use the Windows printers.

BTW, the same solution can be applied to printer trays as well.