Reduce asterisks in Check Amount String


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Hi BIP Gurus,

I have a requirement to display the check amount with no more than 4 asterisks.

Is it possible to recognize $*****1,476.05 (5 asterisks) and display it as $****1,476.05 (4 asterisks), or extreme case of $*********4.36 (9 asterisks) and display it as $****4.36 (4 asterisks) and leaving alone other amounts already with 4 or less asterisks?

I'm really hoping to not modify the R04572, or the business function which adds the asterisks (B0400400).

Ben again,


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Based on your example, any amount less than 999,999.99 will be padded with 1-4 asterisks. So check for that.

If the My_Amount_ID99 is less than 999,999.99 then $<?xdofx:lpad(My_Amount_ID99,10,'*')?>, else $<?My_Amount_ID99?> where My_Amount_ID99 is the XML tag for the formatted amount without the asterisks.