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  1. B

    BIP 3 Doc Template

    Hi Gurus, Perhaps someone has a general structure to help me meet the following requirement. INVOICE - Invoice (will always be 1) - Costing Sheet (can be 0 to many) - Tag Bill Sheet (can be 0 to many) Invoice Header Invoice Detail - Detail can be 1 or many pages and Invoice Header will...
  2. J

    BIP Date Formatting for multiple languages "DD MMMM YYYY"

    Hi, We have a requirement for an invoice print where the date needs to be setup in the RTF as follows "DD MMMM YYYY" which should display as "10 January 2019". This works fine using the BI Publisher Properties using the date type and formatting. However, this requirement needs to work for all...
  3. J

    Emailing Statement Quick questions - what have you done for these?

    Hello, We are currently using embedded BI Publisher for emailing sales invoices (r42565) and it works great. We are using Send Method in A/R as the data selection on the R42565 to separate the emailed from printed jobs. We are using the data driven email on Sold To which references the...
  4. J

    Embedded BI Publisher for JDE and dynamic page re-sizing (XSL-FO Stylesheet)

    Hi, We have a requirement from a customer to have a RTF Template for invoices to dynamically change the page size, based on the company location where it is processing. In other words, for the US location, invoices need to print with a page size="letter", whereas all other locations the...
  5. T

    Prevent scheduler to run if report is empty in BIP

    as per title, anyone has any idea on how to prevent this to happen in BI Publisher? tried to look for this option, but doesn't seem like have this kind of option in the scheduler setting, nor report properties.
  6. R

    Was printing correct check template, then within seconds changed to old check templat

    We promoted a check for a new bank to production a few weeks ago. The first time we printed checks it used an old template (the MICR was printed off the bottom of the page). To quickly fix this we went into PD and uploaded the proper template using P95600. It worked fine up until yesterday...
  7. B

    Reduce asterisks in Check Amount String

    Hi BIP Gurus, I have a requirement to display the check amount with no more than 4 asterisks. Is it possible to recognize $*****1,476.05 (5 asterisks) and display it as $****1,476.05 (4 asterisks), or extreme case of $*********4.36 (9 asterisks) and display it as $****4.36 (4 asterisks) and...
  8. A

    JDE <-> BIP connectivity

    Hello everyone, This is my first time assisting an organization with JD Edwards 9.2.0 implementation. Please bear with me on my lack of sufficient knowledge, if any. I am trying to create a One View / BI Publisher report out of the search results generated by the Invoice Processing module...
  9. J

    BI Report Bursting

    Hello, Could any one help me on the below scenario. UBE output is bursting on AN8 field. AN8 mapped three email ids in F01151. When I am submitting the BI report output is bursting based on address number and sending the output to each email id individually. So that email id 1 can not come to...
  10. H

    XMLP Ouput Report

    Hello, We print invoices from JDE 9.1 using BIP (RTFs, report definitions). If an email address is found, the invoice is emailed, otherwise it is simply printed. After nightly invoice print runs, we would like to generate a report that lists each invoice number, the print queue job number...
  11. H

    BIP RTF Formatting Issue

    I am using JDE 9.1 BIP functionality – RTF attached to report definition attached to a UBE version to produce a BIP formatted PDF. I am having a formatting problem. My RTF file has 2 tables—one with header fields and a second with repeating detail fields. The issue is the large space that...
  12. rmkjde

    iSeries dynamic image not working with QNTC

    Syntax for dynamic image not working with QNTC Hopefully one of you BIP/AS400 gurus can get us over the hump on this. I swear we've read 1000 posts, documents, etc. and we are quite close. Thanks to several of you for all the forum posts about dynamic images using a dummy image and alt text...
  13. M

    Multiple orders in one pdf

    Hey folks, So I am trying to get a single pdf with multiple work orders. I am able to get the xml with the multiple work orders together. I am breaking on each work order number as well, and therefore use the for each on : order number in the BI Publisher body. I am able to get individual...
  14. F

    Printer in Bi publisher

    Hellooo, how i can configure a printer to a definition in bi publisher? I need to create an "Auto Print"...so i need to configure "X" printer to a definition of BI Publisher. Is this posible? Another question... Can i configure a printer for a user? Thx!
  15. A

    Attaching One of Many T&C pages at end of Purchase Order

    How to dynamically attach One of Many fixed T&C page at end of PO print? Suppose, based on order type and company the PO Print T&C varies. I know we can use sub-template and then call the appropriate one. Any other way of doing this? Can we import sub-templates in embedded BIP?
  16. S

    BIP R04572 issue

    I am about to modify the signature on AP checks that prints via BI. After the modification , the MICR fonts that contains the bank information got changed and is printing in multiple lines than in one single line. I am using the same font that is on the enterprise server.. Need help.
  17. S

    PO Detail Lines are in .pdf output but not in xml

    Hi Experts: R43500 PO Print detail lines are in .pdf but not show in xml. There are a Bug 18266280 - XML Output Incorrect in Tools We are in Please let me know if anybody aware of this issue and know the solution. Thanks in advance to share your experience. E910. TR
  18. C

    BIP page header / footer containing XML data

    Hi BIP experts, I would like to understand what's the correct / suggested approach to implement page header / footer with BI Publisher embedded (E1 9.1 TR I'm talking about documents like invoices / purchase orders or wherever you want to print a page header to be repeated together...