E9.2 BI Publisher wrong decimal separator



I do have an extremely strange problem with the xml output of BI Publisher.
I use the xml template to generate payment files for the EMEA localisation. The decimal separator
is configured to be a "." on the xml template level, which has always worked so far and also works in the
test environment.
When I transform the report output manually with the referring xsl stylesheet, the separator is right with ".".
Even more crazy is that even in the source xml the separator is always ".", so what I need.
However, only in the production environment, the separator of all string fields changes to ",".
Has anyone had this issue as well or an idea what may be the reason?
What locale is the server that is running the transformation set to? Generally Java decimal format templates use the "." character to signify the decimal but it will then do a replace with the locale decimal separator when generating the string. So in this way, it will replace "." with "," if the locale is a European one.
Thanks a lot for your reply. What you are describing would fit exactly. I sadly have no access to the server manager. Can I overwrite the locale setup via the JDE Template setup or on template level?
.... found it, I added a translate in the template to the referring lines, that did the trick. Was quite a nasty one since the PY and the PD server apparently have a different set up.
<xsl:value-of select='translate(format-number($number,"###0.00"),",",".")'/>