Need Help With Information on Setting Up New Routing (Mfg Accounting)


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Hi All - I am new to JDE Enterprise One. if we set up the routing for an item that has more than one step in the operation sequence (for this example Operation Sequence 10.0 and 20.0) My question is this:

Does the system calculate for both steps each time the part is created? Or can you set up the routing so that it will only charge for one or more steps (sequences) based on certain conditions?

I do not know how to set up conditional routing if it exists - is there any documentation regarding this?


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Calculate what??
There is a pay point code, on each step, to indicate whether to back flush parts or labor or both. Once you set it up then it is hard coded and you cant change it based on any condition. You could default it from the work center but that is about the only flexibility you have. You could also manually change it at the work order level but that would be a manual process.
Documentation is here:



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Hi Matt,

Thank you for correcting and clarifying that information for me . I refer to the documents listed in your post.

Thank you,