1. Terry DeMoure

    Absorption of Overhead Costs in an Automated Environment

    My company's accounting group has asked me to seek out some contacts at other manufacturing companies, that have automation, and are currently on JD Edwards Enterprise One, as they would like to reach out to them to get some insight on how they handle absorption of overhead costs in an automated...
  2. JDE Fixed Assets Net Balance Value

    We are using JDE 9.0, Some of our assets like cars, furniture are fully depreciated. We don't want to dispose these assets, but would like to some how change the values so that net balance can be 1. Please advise the possible solution. Regards
  3. Need Help With Information on Setting Up New Routing (Mfg Accounting)

    Hi All - I am new to JDE Enterprise One. if we set up the routing for an item that has more than one step in the operation sequence (for this example Operation Sequence 10.0 and 20.0) My question is this: Does the system calculate for both steps each time the part is created? Or can you set up...
  4. JDE Word 8.1 Finance Governement agreement for accounting

    Hi , I would like to know if JDE can be used for accounting purpose in Laos and Arménia ? Any goverment regulation that would prevent to use JDE for that purpose in these countries? Regards