JDE Upgrade from 8.0 to 9.2


We are planning to upgrade our JDE 8.0 TO 9.2.
Could anyone provide in detail best plan to execute it and all the required dos and donts and documents.
As I am doing the upgrade firsttime it will be really helpful if anyone share there experties.

current system:
JDE8.0 (B733 24.1.3)SP24
db sql server 2008 R2

JDE 9.2
db sql server 2008 R2


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The first "don't" is to not attempt to do this yourself if you don't have the experience of doing this multiple times.
Your management may not want to accept this but upgrading JDE (from a ~15 year old release, changing OS platform, changing database, ...) by yourself is a recipe for failure.
This is not like a Microsoft Office upgrade. This is Enterprise ERP.


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Also FYI you cannot use SQL Server 2008 R2 as your database for 9.2 . Refer to the MTR (Certifications tab on Oracle Support) to make sure your to be 9.2 environment is built on the right platform using the certified versions for Operating system , database , web server , compliers etc.


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With a system that old, I'm not even sure you would want to attempt an upgrade. Might be easier to re-implement and undertake a data migration. You've got a triple whammy: move your data to Unicode, move your mods (assuming you have these) to 9.2 and move everything to 64 bit. Good luck and may the force be with you.
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