jde 8.0 jde 9.2

  1. E9.2 Frozen Cost not Updating

    When I run frozen cost update R30835, the cost is not updating. The item cost ledger update report is produced, so it looks like the cost updated. But when I look at the cost components, I see the simulated cost and the frozen cost is blank. Why is this happening?
  2. E8.11 JD Edwards Solutions Explorer (Error: General Error in method, Save)

    Hello JDE community, Well, I have a problem with JDE when saving some reports that are going to move to 9.2, but the problem arises because the reports (UBE) as well as their versions (UBEVER) does not let me save them where I tried to copy them and the problem persists (Error: General Error in...
  3. E9.1 RD ‘override output file name ‘ not reflecting change in PY

    Hi Everyone, We are promoting project from DV to PY. For all the RDs created under a project ‘override output file name ‘ tab details of each RD Not reflecting changes in PY. Upon troubleshooting F95644 ( example :one of the control table ) not getting updated in PY. Enabled debug log in fat...
  4. JDE Upgrade from 8.0 to 9.2

    Hi, We are planning to upgrade our JDE 8.0 TO 9.2. Could anyone provide in detail best plan to execute it and all the required dos and donts and documents. As I am doing the upgrade firsttime it will be really helpful if anyone share there experties. current system: JDE8.0 (B733 24.1.3)SP24 db...