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Hello List,

we are a manufacturing factory and for the next year we are planning to introduce a MES and a WMS system in order to achieve a more flexible control of the production and help our people in the warehouse to schedule the picking of the materials.

Since this will bring in a lot of interfaces with JDE (9.1) we are trying to understand which can be the better solution for us to build the data-interchange.

Here below are some insights we just came to:

- webservices: we're not ready. Never implemented and apparently costly (hw+sw)
- flat files: we already had some expierience with that and we consider this solution too inefficient to guarantee data alignment
- staging-tables : already used for smaller interfaces - at the moment it seems the best trade off

Regarding JDE specifically:

1- I already had a look to "interoperability" and I think it will be useful to move data/changes of F4101,F4102,F0101 and then F4211-F4311 for item mevements and F4801/F3111/F3112 for workorders.
I'm a little in doubt how to pass receipts (standard interop has some bugs) and other small custom data.

2- I had a look to subsystem jobs (and I like the solution. This could help us to avoid WSJ being filled by 1-minute-scheduled reports). Btw on the forum I noticed that subsystem jobs are suggested when the update frequency is higher/continuous.

3- We also already (positively) implemented a solution where there's a single JDE UBE / DISPATCHER (scheduled each minute) which checks on a "reference table" if there are new transactions to process, triggering the needed report only in case it has to update a JDE table or a shared table.

What do you think?

Any idea / experience with be appreciated! :)

Thanks in advance.
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If you're not ready for web services then you're not ready for the 21st century because the solutions you're talking about were the preferred method of JDE integration in the last century, let alone the last decade.

You're on 9.1 and can update to the latest tools release so you have all of the options available to you. System integration, no matter the method, becomes complex quickly as the integration requirements extend past very basic functions so be prepared to spend some money. I'd recommend getting a consulting partner involved that has experience around what you're trying to do and can provide you with a more detailed and informed assessment than you will get from this forum.


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Depending on your toolset, have a look at AIS.

Basically a smart arsed XML macro with data and commands all rolled into one


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Hi Simon82,

I've integrated with flat files, XML files (trough Z tables) and Business Services and in my experience the best solution it's Business Services (Webservices) because it's point to poing in realtime, not it's necesary dispatcher batch in schedule, or daemons, etc., you can use any bsfn function, you can execute batch, crud table operation, etc.



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I agree with both Russell and John. Web Services have been available for a long time now. Not being ready to use BSSV is hard to conceptualize. All that being said, AIS is the future of integration and is incredibly powerful. All of the IoT data processes through AIS. If I had to start from scratch I'd use AIS for it's speed, flexibility, and process integrity.

Chan Rana

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We have table to table integration with WMS where WMS pull all data from JDE tables. Now changing to Web service and RTEs.



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I think XML Call object deserves mention. Several commercial integration partners use that extensively. Very simple to implement.


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For outbound from JDE you can also use Interop on Z tables for any changes in JDE. This should work out of box with no changes.