1. E8.12 Item Master Inter Operability

    Hello Friends I was trying to import Item master by using Inbound Item Master Inquiry (P4101Z1) and then running the Item Master Inbound Transaction Process (R4101Z1i) to populate the F4101 Item Master file. P4101Z1 runs successfully and inserts the data in to the interface table (F4101Z1)...
  2. Rauf

    E8.12 xmlinterop.dll - Call JDE Business Functions from ASP.NET C#

    If any body did interoperability using xmlinterop.dll with ASP.NET C#, I would like get details on how you accomplish it. There is post in regarding this Calling XmlInterop from C# via a COM object, but I lost in between and could not proceed further.
  3. Calling BSFN from C++

    Trying to create a console application to execute a business function call. Test executing GetAuditInfo and hitting Access violation reading location ... in jdekrnl.dll. Here's what I have currently. result = JDB_InitEnvOvrExtended(&hEnv, (JCHAR *)&e1Env, (JCHAR *)&e1User, (JCHAR *)&e1Pwd...
  4. Interface JDE with external systems

    Hello List, we are a manufacturing factory and for the next year we are planning to introduce a MES and a WMS system in order to achieve a more flexible control of the production and help our people in the warehouse to schedule the picking of the materials. Since this will bring in a lot of...
  5. Interoperability tool, which one would I use? RTE? BSSV? SS?

    Hello guys, I'm working on a new customer which we have some requirements to "talk" to a 3rd party system, the scenarios we've mapped until now are the following: 1 - 3rd party system send some information which we have to read e create Sales and Purchase Orders 2 - 3rd party system will...