Interoperability tool, which one would I use? RTE? BSSV? SS?


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Hello guys,

I'm working on a new customer which we have some requirements to "talk" to a 3rd party system, the scenarios we've mapped until now are the following:

1 - 3rd party system send some information which we have to read e create Sales and Purchase Orders
2 - 3rd party system will create/change Address Book records
3 - When a Sales Order is ready to run Sales Update we have to send back some details to the 3rd party system and update some custom table in E1
4 - When a Purchase Order was receipted we have to send back some details to the 3rd party system and update some custom table in E1
5 - When a Invoice/Voucher was created or receipted/payed we have to send back some details to the 3rd party system and update some custom table in E1

Scenarios #1 and #2 we're planning to use some Business Service to do the job. (I'm not sure about localization on BSSV thus we're considering some customization on that)

Scenarios #3, #4 and #5 I'm not sure what's the right solution I can use to achieve all the requirements. I'm considering theses approaches:

A - Use Real Time Events(RTE) or
B - Use Subsystem Jobs or
C - Business Services (?) or
D - Create custom APPLs or RDAs to trigger such actions

I've never worked with RTE nor Subsystem Jobs and as far as I've researched I think RTE would be the right choice for me, to inform the 3rd party system that "something happens" on E1. But I'm in doubt if I call catch theses events in a Event Rule then update my custom tables.

Option "C" I'm not sure if a BSSV can be listening for some action triggered by an APPL or RDA, or even receive a RTE notification.

The environment is E1 TR 9.1.5, Oracle 12g. We're installing the BSSV Server but because of those uncertainties we don't know if we'll need the Transaction Server.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance!
Are you using a middleware product for this integration or are you doing a direct JDE to third party product integration?
We use EXTOL 3rd party software as a middleman here.

It receives inbound EDI data, squirts it onto the relevant F47nnn tables and then calls a BSSV. Depending on the signal, it passes in what EDI signal it is and also a UBE and VERS to the BSSV whenever a signal comes in from a customer.

The BSSV wakes up a subsystem. That subsystem then simply calls the passed in JDE E1 UBE/VERS to read and process the new F47nnn data

Scheduled E1 jobs will then send data out (ASN 867 etc), EXTOL sees the new F47 outbound data and sends it out via EDI

JDE doesn't have the ability to do all that on its own. It can create the F47 data, but as far as I'm aware it can't send data out.

Now if they dont' want you to send data, just a notification then you could do that via email or a BSSV tapped into their systems
Hi there,

you can use RTE for real time messaging but to update custom table in JDE you need to use web service that be triggered from the system which is reading the JMS queue messages.
1) Send RTE
2) Read JMS queue using OSB (SOA) or JAVA
3) Use BPEL to invoke webservice that will be used to update tables in JDE
Don't forget XML call object. A very lightweight and simple way to call BSFNs and run UBEs from external systems. Also, AIS.