1. E9.0 How to implement Warehouse Management system in STOT orders. Transfer orders

    Warehouse management system has been implemented , Sales Order and Purchase Order Process are working according to WMS. Kindly provide document that how to implement WMS for STOT transfer Orders applications. what configuration required to implement. How to generate Pick request for Order type...
  2. E9.0 How to implement Warehouse Management in ST/OT orders

    How to implement Warehouse Management system in ST/OT orders. Transfer orders
  3. Double Deep Rack

    Hello, I need help setting up putaway. Picking and replenishment in double locations (Double Deep Rack), the version I have installed is 9.1 e1. Thank you
  4. How to link a suggesion with the corresponding Request?

    All, I am new to the ERP JD Edwards. So if the question is too priliminary, please be patient in answerting the same. Thank you in advance for clarifying my doubt. When we create a request in F4600 and after running process that request (R46171), a suggestion (F4611) will be created. My...
  5. Interface JDE with external systems

    Hello List, we are a manufacturing factory and for the next year we are planning to introduce a MES and a WMS system in order to achieve a more flexible control of the production and help our people in the warehouse to schedule the picking of the materials. Since this will bring in a lot of...